Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lionel Doolan Art: Welcome To My New Blog!

Lionel Doolan Art: Welcome To My New Blog!: "I've always been fascinated by art. For me it's been a lifelong obsession, and an endless journey as I discover new and interesting things ..."

06/07/11 Nothing scares the muse away like a family crisis, especially where one member is injured. My daughter's injuries changed my priorities away from fine art to a supportive role. The muse 'changed hats' and is working at helping Sarah recover. I miss attending my art class but circumstances and expenses dictate at present. One side effect of the trauma is my concentration on clearing all unused 'stuff'. Things I've hoarded over years become valueless compared with family and friends. The purge I have undertaken to free my space of clutter has made possible a practical studio space and as my daughter recovers I think fine art might emerge better than ever.